Cornice Traverse Photos

<p>Cornice Traverse galloped over the main track this morning as she prepares for her work tomorrow.</p>
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Cornice Traverse Update

We are happy to report that there were no significant findings when Cornice Traverse was examined by Dr. Wes Sutter at Kentucky Equine Hospital. She was shipped back to trainer Ben Colebrook at Keeneland Race Course and here she is jogging over the main track yesterday morning.

Cornice Traverse Update

We have been working with trainer Ben Colebrook and veterinarian Dr. Greg Fox, who is known for his expertise and research on monitoring racehorses’ heart rates, on ways to integrate data analytics to provide owners with as much information as possible. During Cornice Traverse’s work yesterday, in which she breezed in company and completed a half mile in 49.80 seconds, Dr. Fox placed a heart rate monitor on her to collect data. When the results came back, it revealed that Cornice Traverse’s heart rate was higher than what we would typically like to see on a horse before the work began, indicating that there may be an underlying issue at play here. Dr. Fox, who has been working hands-on with this filly while treating her with laser therapy to help with muscle soreness in her back, reported that she is not showing obvious signs of lameness, but as a preventative measure, recommends that she have a full examination with Dr. Wes Sutter of the Kentucky Equine Hospital.

Cornice Traverse will ship to Kentucky Equine Hospital on Monday afternoon for a full bone scan on Tuesday morning. We will report back with the findings.

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Cornice Traverse Workout Report

Cornice Traverse worked a half-mile in company this morning at Keeneland. Breezing on the inside of her workmate, Cornice Traverse set the pace covering the ground in 47.60 seconds, the 5th fastest of 41 works at the distance. Trainer Ben Colebrook took Cornice Traverse to the paddock this morning to school prior to her work. As you can see in the video, this slightly nervous filly quickly calmed down after a round or two in the paddock. Cornice Traverse is a lighter-framed horse, however, we are very happy to report that she is putting on weight.