Account Closure and Final Distribution

The Utalknboutpractice series has been reconciled and finalized. MyRacehorse shareholders owned 20% of Utalknboutpractice.

A final payout of $84.31 per share will be added to your MyRacehorse wallet.

Below is a brief financial summary of the Utalknboutpractice account, you can view a more detailed financial breakdown here. If you have any questions regarding the account please contact us at

Practice Succumbs to Laminitis

It is with deep sadness that MyRacehorse shares the news of Utalknboutpractice losing his battle with laminitis today. Upon supervision and advice from veterinarian Karen Valko, the most humane decision was to euthanize Utalknboutpractice. Dr. Valko and her staff monitored Utalknboutpractice throughout the night, using all measures possible to stabilize him and ultimately improve his condition. Unfortunately, these efforts proved unsuccessful, as Utalknboutpractice continued showing signs of regression throughout this morning and early afternoon. Signs of increased digital pulse, heat and lameness were seen, ultimately being a sign that the laminae were further degenerating. As these symptoms began to intensify, it was determined there was no longer a sustainable path forward for Utalknboutpractice.

This is hands down the hardest part of the business and is something we wish no one would have to experience. Laminitis is a tough word in the horse industry and it has taken countless lives and ended the careers of many amazing equine athletes. We are thankful for all the memories Utalknboutpractice provided us with and we will never forget his convincing maiden-breaking score at Santa Anita. Trainer Peter Miller and our partners from Slam Dunk Racing have expressed their condolences to the entire MyRacehorse ownership group.

We are honored to have had Utalknboutpractice in our stable and to have provided him the best care possible so that he did not suffer for a prolonged period of time. We will be providing additional updates regarding the details of Utalknboutpractice’s account in the upcoming days.

Urgent Update

No news anyone wanted to hear today. Utalknboutpractice is foundering, suffering from a laminitis. This is a by-product of him having pneumonia just over a month ago.

Laminitis is a serious disease of the foot that can vary in severity from the merest hint of lameness to a situation described as “sinking”. This disease can weaken the laminae (tissue located between the horse’s hoof wall and coffin bone) and allow the coffin bone inside the hoof to sink and/or rotate downward, causing permanent deformity. Laminitis is an extremely fast acting issue which can result in euthanasia.

Dr. Karen Valko has been the vet on site and overseeing Utalknboutpractice this afternoon. She reported Utalknboutpractice is showing lameness and she does have some concerns. We will do everything we can for Utalknboutpractice but will ultimately have to make the most humane decision for the horse.

Utalknboutpractice Update

Utalknboutpractice is enjoying some R&R at Bonnie Acres Ranch since being released from Helen Woodward Equine on October 6th. The staff at Bonnie Acres knows Utalknboutpractice well as he spent his time off as a two-year old. Trainer Peter Miller has recommended this gelding receives a total of 60 days at the farm before returning into training.

Practice is currently on stall rest and being hand walked daily. He we be re-evaluated at the 30 day mark to see how he is progressing physically and weight wise. At that point, an updated plan will be put into place. Bonnie Acres Ranch is known for their underwater treadmill (Hydro horse), which is a great modality to get fitness under a horse prior to heading into the track. Practice will likely receive a few weeks using the underwater treadmill prior to returning to trainer Peter Miller.

Utalknboutpractice Update

Utalknboutpractice has continued in good order at Helen Woodward Equine Hospital. Trainer Peter Miller reported he has remained at the clinic for safety precautions but should be ready for release shortly.

Pete has recommended Utalknboutpractice goes to a farm prior to returning into training. The reasoning for this is to benefit him both mentally and physically before taking on the stresses of training right away. It will allow him to put on some weight which he lost during this time along with returning refreshed.

We will discuss this further with majority partner Slam Dunk Racing and relay any additional information as it comes.

Doing Better

Utalknboutpractice has improved quite a bit according to trainer Peter Miller. Practice is still under the care of Helen Woodward Equine Hospital, but it’s a very positive sign to see the progress he’s made. As a situation like this can change quickly, he will still need to remain at the Equine Hospital for likely at least another 48 hours.

Utalknboutpractice Update

Utalknboutpractice spiked a severe fever this afternoon of 105 degrees and had to be sent to the Helen Woodward Equine Hospital. It was reported by the hospital that Utalknboutpractice has fluid on his lungs and is showing symptoms of pneumonia (respiratory infection). The fluid on his lungs will have to be drained.

The Equine Hospital at Helen Woodward Animal Center is equipped to perform a wide variety of medical procedures and services and has state of the art facilities and equipment to ensure the best possible care is available to the equine community. We will provide any additional updates or information as soon as we can..

Workout Report

Utalknboutpractice had a maintenance half mile work yesterday morning at Del Mar in 49.2 seconds. With the starter not being used through the end of the Del Mar meet, Peter Miller and majority partner Slam Dunk Racing thought it would be wise to wait for upcoming Santa Anita meet. His next work will likely come at San Luis Rey as trainers will have to clear the Del Mar grounds in the upcoming week.

Race Update

Unfortunately, the starter optional claiming for Utalknboutpractice did not go for Monday, August 31st. It was written back on the overnight for Friday but was not used again.

We will regroup with trainer Peter Miller and Slam Dunk Racing in the morning to discuss entering for the Cal bred first condition going 5 furlongs on the grass which is scheduled for Saturday, September 5th.