Classofsixtythree & Exonerated

The daughter of Gun Runner, Classofsixtythree ’19 (inside horse), and the daughter of Honor Code, Exonerated ’19 (outside horse) hit the track together yesterday. The duo of MyRacehorse fillies galloped a nice and easy 5 furlongs. Yesterday was their fifth day galloping five furlongs over the Silver Springs dirt track and they are both moving along nicely!

Classofsixtythree Goes to the Gate

Thursday was the first day that Classofsixtythree ’19 (the first horse to go through the gate) had her introduction to the starting gate. With no hesitation, our Gun Runner filly walked right through the start gate. She then patiently waited on the other side as encouragement for our other horses. Once they had all walked through the string of horses jogged off in company.

Gate work is a time-consuming process and can’t and shouldn’t be rushed. The early lessons that young horses receive can stick with them even when they begin to be gate-schooled at the racetrack. Therefore, it’s important those initial lessons and experiences are positive ones.

Yearling Fillies Galloping

Take a look at four of the yearling fillies galloping earlier this week at Silver Springs Stud. The ladies in this video include Frosted Oats (inside), Classofsixtythree ’19 (red cap), Exonerated ’19 (Blue Cap), Consecrate ’19 (Outside). This week the quartet galloped up to 6 furlongs. Moving right along.

Owner Update

Classofsixtythree ’19 is among the first crop of yearlings from freshman sire Gun Runner to start training. She shows to have a high level of class and stays focused while being put to work. Just this week she picked up her training and stretched out her gallop to 6 furlongs. She has been training in company with Consecrate ’19 (inside horse) and can be seen in this video as the outside horse.