Nileist Barn Visit

We had a very nice visit with Nileist and new trainer Andrew Lerner this morning at Santa Anita. For those who couldn’t make it here is a recap of the discussion on Nileist (much of which has been previously communicated in updates):

Nileist was purchased at the Keeneland November Breeding Stock Sale. Prior to purchasing Nileist, he was vetted out and a blood sample was taken prior to shipping to California. After arriving at Santa Anita, Nileist developed a mild fever and after another blood sample was taken his white blood cell count was low. This could relate to shipping fever which is very common when horses travel.

After missing a few weeks, Nileist was finally onto the track beginning to jog and gallop, until his first abscess appeared on the front right foot. An abscess can form when bacteria gets trapped between the sensitive laminae & the hoof wall or sole of the foot. Popular causes of an abscess are condition cycling of wet and dry and stepping on a nail, piece of wood or any sharp object. What are signs of an abscess? The most noticeable sign, is the horse walking lame. It’s very common for a horse to be perfectly fine one day and completely lame the next due to this. Other ways of spotting an abscess are being warm to touch along with being sensitive to touch.

One of the most important parts of treating an abscess is allowing it to drain. With the help of soaking the feet in warm water and Epson salt, an abscess can pop naturally. If that doesn’t happen a farrier can trim the sole and frog of the foot for a better view and properly pop the abscess. The abscess is commonly filled with a white, yellow or green puss. It’s extremely important to keep the horse in a dry clean stall, along with changing bandage or wrap around the foot every 24 hours to prevent infection. Healing time does vary horse to horse but usually is be-tween 7-14 days.

After healing, Nileist resumed back on the track logging 8 workouts, between Dec. 11th and Feb. 20th. As the frequent rain began at Santa Anita, we would have to think this was the cause of the 2nd occurrence of abscess’ on Nileist hind feet.

After meeting with new Trainer Andrew Lerner, he explained that he had replaced the back shoes already on Nileist which was done by farrier Wes Champlain, who we recently posted an article on. According to Andrew, the time table is hard to be exact as Nileist will have a few more shoeing’s before his feet are back to where Andrew would like. Nileist is currently still going to the track daily jogging. Besides his feet, Nileist looked great, an amazing coat, and seemed to be a very happy horse as you can see in the video.

Nileist Barn Visit

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Nileist Moved to Andrew Lerner

The majority owners of Nileist, Alydom Racing, have made the decision to transfer him to the barn of trainer Andrew Lerner. Alydom Racing is expanding their stable and as a management decision wanted cohesiveness to their operation by operating under one trainer. Andrew is a bright young trainer who in a brief few years has done very well. In 2019 Andrew has a very impressive 32 percent win rate which is well above industry averages. Andrew is very familiar working with large ownership groups including the Del Mar Racing Club and we look forward to working with him. We encourage all Nileist owners to come out to meet Andrew this Saturday at Santa Anita where he and Nick Hines will be discussing Nileist’s journey to the races and future racing plans. If you’ve already signed up for the event, no further action is necessary. For those still looking to attend you can sign up on the events section of the MyRacehorse App/Website.

Nileist Update

Battle Born Racing informed us that Nileist will not run this Friday at Golden Gate. During his last workout he was fitted with an egg bar shoe for his foot issues which precluded him from really getting what we needed out of the workout before a race. We will be setting up a visit with Nileist shortly led by Battle Born Racing to discuss the issues Nileist has had since purchasing him at the sale.

Nileist at Santa Anita

Nileist Update

Nileist continues to progress from his recent foot abcess. He’ll continue to train forwardly as the foot improves. There’s an old saying in horse racing “No foot, no horse”. As a result foot injuries can be even more delicate to deal with than others. Patience can really be tested in this sport, can’t it? Additionally, the weather forecast is calling for heavy rains for the next 4-5 days thereby putting the work schedules into question. Generally speaking sometimes a horse could be ready to go but you don’t want to put them out on a sloppy racetrack. As a result, the workout schedule is thrown off kilter and any potential races you point to are that much more difficult to make. Furthermore once a race you’ve been pointing to is missed it is not as easy is “well can’t you run him right now?!” Each horse has their set of conditions they are eligible for and once the race(s) office uses that race it can be 3-4 weeks or more before that same race comes back again to enter your horse in. We know everyone has been looking forward to his first start for some time (us too) and there have been a few pot holes in the road. The reality is as many of you are aware of by now, is that’s horse racing. No barn is absent these sort of problems. It can be very frustrating at times but ultimately as Hall of Fame trainer Jerry Hollendorfer tells us “the horse tells you when they are ready and that’s when I run them.”