Naismith Update

Take a look at these photos of Naismith galloping at Santa Anita this morning.

Naismith is doing well and in good order. Trainer Richard Mandella has pushed his work back due to being re-shod. Richard and his farrier thought they could make a few adjustments which would benefit Naismith’s feet and balance. He has since been galloping daily.

Workout Report

Vertical Threat stayed right on track working 5 furlongs in 1:01.4 at San Luis Rey this morning. After a very sharp 59 and change work last Saturday, Baltas was not looking for anything more from Vertical Threat. Baltas reported “He’s doing very good right now, I think the time ended up being a big benefit for him”.

With no race in sight for next weekend, we are currently at mercy of the condition book. Trainer Richard Baltas said “Vertical Threat is plenty ready to run but I also want to make sure he is in the right spot. I’m still trying to get get a race written as an extra. If were not able to get one written there should be something early in the 2nd condition book”.

Solo Work for Quick Conversation

After two works in company at Silver Springs, Quick Conversation graduated to solo status today for her three-furlong breeze which was timed in :38 4/5.

With three works now under her belt at Silver Springs, Quick Conversation will be ready to move to trainer Christophe Clement’s barn once shipping plans are made and finalized to get her to Payson Park in Florida.

We’ll keep you updated with Quick Conversation’s travel plans as they become known.

Tizamagician Update

Tizamagician has, unfortunately, exited his work with a sore left front foot. This appears to be minor and only a bruise, but will result in a change of race plans. Neither trainer Richard Mandella nor MyRacehorse’s management team feel there is any benefit to take the chance and ship him to Keeneland at this point. Upon speaking to Richard, the new plan will be to point to a race in a few weeks at Del Mar, pending everything progresses as expected.

Finding the bruise early as Team Mandella did allows for not only the chance to alleviate the horse’s discomfort, but it can prevent the development of an abscess. Abscesses can occur when bacteria find its way into a bruised area and causes an infection. Team Mandella has already removed his front shoes and will treat Tizamagician for the short term by soaking his foot along with the use of poultice. A poultice is used to draw out heat and inflammation and infection and keep the area clean to prevent further reinfection.

Strong Breeze from Authentic

Authentic worked 5 furlongs this morning at Santa Anita, clocked by hall of fame trainer Bob Baffert in 59.4, galloping out 6 furlongs “strong” in 1:11 and change. Baffert said shortly after the work, “Authentic couldn’t be doing any better. Last week’s 7 furlong breeze benefited him a lot from a fitness standpoint. After this work he’s ready to go”.

Authentic worked by himself as he always does. When Bob was asked why he doesn’t go in company he responded, “Authentic doesn’t need encouragement. He’s likes to be by himself and free running. Just like in his races”.

As previously mentioned Authentic is scheduled to ship on Tuesday via Tex Sutton and will arrive in Lexington at approximately 1:00pm.

Full XBTV workout video will be up soon.