Cairo Kiss Race Recap

To be perfectly honest when finishing second to last in a race, all we can usually say is we’ll lick our wounds and move on to the next race. However, there’s quite a few encouraging signs to digest after the race. First, after the race jockey Tiago Pereira told us in the first few steps out of the gate Cairo Kiss slipped after the turf just came out from under her, putting her a lot further behind than planned. Secondly, Cairo Kiss finished her final quarter mile in 22.4 seconds, the second fastest quarter mile of all horses in the race. Next, she was 17.5 lengths behind at the half mile pole and only ended up beaten less than six lengths at the end. That’s impressive to make up that much ground, especially in a sprint race. Finally, on the way out Phil told us “she’s a much better filly than the race today”. All in all, some very good positives to draw in addition to getting the important first race experience under her belt.

Progress Update

Here are a few videos from John Brocklebank on Utalknboutpractice. John continues to rave about this horse and is very happy with his progression from a yearling into a young two-year old. That being said John advised Slam Dunk Racing that the horse be gelded. Utalknboutpractice was not fully asserting himself mentally and was a bit overly anxious around the opposite sex. This should help the horse better focus and prepare to finish his initial training before he heads to Santa Anita by late spring.

Utalknboutpractice Update

Utalknboutpractice Coming Back