Owner Update: Bullion

Horse: Bullion
Training Update

We just got the following update from Robb Levinksy, head of Kenwood Stables regarding Bullion:

“Jerry & I spoke yesterday. He said Bullion is doing really well, walking sound now. His words were “if he was going to have a problem, this would be about the best thing to have”. He’s heading for the farm now for about 90 days R&R, then hopefully back to training. Note there’s NO surgery required, very good sign. “He’s shown a lot of talent, he’s a nice horse, I think we’ll be fine here” Jerry.

No guarantees ever with any horse, but that says it all for the moment. We will of course keep you informed.”

– Robb Levinksy, Kenwood Stables.

As soon as we find out what farm he is going to, we will work on getting a day set up that MyRacehorse owners can visit.

Owner Update: Sigesmund

Horse: Sigesmund
Training Update

Sigesmund came out of his May 24th workout with bucked shins. Bucked shins are very common in two-year-olds, as their bones are still developing, and are often compared to shin splints in humans.

The good news is this isn’t a serious issue and becomes less likely to occur as horses age and their bones mature. Bucked shins are an inflammation of the membrane across the ‘shin’, the front part of the cannon bone between the knee and fetlock joints.

Training two-year-olds can be tough, given the delicate balance between managing a still growing horse and getting the critical exercise needed to strengthen and grow bone.

Treatment, first and foremost, involves giving the horse time to recover with a short resting period before gradually increasing exercise. While it is important to rest the colt and give him time to recover, measured, controlled exercise is also critical to the recovery process.

Many racing stars including Kentucky Derby winner I’ll Have Another and Belmont Stakes winner Palace Malice had shins as two-year-olds.

As far as Sigesmund specifically, Bruno spoke with Rudy Delguidice, who had Sigesmund on the farm and broke him as a yearling, to develop a treatment plan.

Rudy advised, “Over time, I’ve learned from vets and from experience, that this has been the best program for shins. I have had babies for 30 years and it works well for me. Too many [people] give too much time and it softens the other bones as the bone relaxes if [it’s] not under pressure, so you take the pain away, and then build up new bone without softening other areas.”

Here is an outline of his treatment plan:

1) Two weeks rest including handwalking twice daily and cooling of the shin.
2) Two weeks of shin treatments to increase circulation and accelerate healing.
3) Colt jogs for two weeks.
4) Colt gallops for two weeks.
5) Three controlled breezes at a 1/4, in :28, then :27, and :26 (no gallop outs) – to stimulate and remodel the bone to promote growth and lay down more bone.
6) Return to regular training.

Important Bullion Update

Bullion Owner Update

Updated: 5/25/18

As those who have been following already know, Bullion has been working great and has been generating some real excitement.. Last Saturday, with Bejarano aboard, he worked three furlongs at Santa Anita and was the fastest of the morning. It is not too often you see a jockey like Bejarano on an unraced two-year-old for a morning workout.

Unfortunately, the assistant trainer Dan thought something was a bit off after the workout, so Bullion was sent in for X rays and a scan. The result was “a small line in the tibia.”Although you don’t want any setbacks when getting your two-year-old to the races, this is probably one of the more common and easily manageable. Tibia fractures in two-year-olds are not uncommon and have a strong track record of never seeing a recurrence. At this point, Jerry and Dan are going to put the horse first, and give him some rest. Hopefully, he will be back in training soon.

As an added layer of protection for those who already purchased a share of Bullion on MyRacehorse, we will be automatically enrolling you in our “Make it to the Races” Insurance. There will be no fee for this insurance. If for any reason Bullion does not make it to the races, MyRacehorse will provide you a 100% credit of your entire investment. Your credit can then be used for any open investment on the platform.

Here is a text from Dan, Jerry’s assistant to Robb, the racing manager at Kenwood.

10:32 am, 5/25/18

“Bullion just got back to the stall, he’s walking very well. I don’t think it’s going to be as long of a rehab. as we thought. Let you know about the x-rays but to be honest it’s often hard to find anything when x-raying tibias” (which is why they scan them as we did yesterday).

All positive news so far for sure, no guarantees but likely to be very manageable”

** We will keep all of the owners updated as we get updates from the connections. If you have any questions please feel free to email us at support@myracehorse.com

Owner Update: Sigesmund Workout

Horse: Sigesmund
Training and Workout Report
Belmont Workout, 5/24/2018


Sigesmund worked in company today at Belmont in 52 flat and Michelle told me after she needs to find him faster company as his current company can’t keep up with him. Time is irrelevant as class can be felt at slow times also. See it all the time in the morning it can be a slow work but you can see one horse just in hand and waiting on mate who simply is intimidated by the mate. well, Sigesmund seems to have terrorized the company. That’s a good thing.

Also, guys, do not panic if you don’t see a work every 7 days, the weather has all to do with, also clockers miss drills. WE DO NOT WORK IN SLOP OR MUD.


Owner Update: Sigesmund

Horse: Sigesmund
Training and Workout Report
Next Race: Still on target for the Summer

Thank you for choosing to invest into Sigesmund, the two-year-old Freud colt from Bruno De Julio. We thought we would pass along some updates directly from Bruno and his team:

“Sigesmund has worked four times for Michelle Nevin since arriving at Belmont Park in April and is progressing nicely. In his first work, Sigesmund worked three furlongs in company with two of his other two-year-old stablemates. The work was designed to start off slowly and settle into a nice pace; not a work designed for speed. This work mirrored the ones done on the farm prior to shipping into the trainer’s stable. It is essential to get some good seasoning and foundation into young horses early on with speed as a secondary factor.

On May 4th Sigesmund went out in company with two-year old filly Damsel Fly, completing the three furlongs in 39.25 seconds. Michelle says Sigesmund is a push button horse and responds to cues when asked, is very easy to train and more straightforward than many of her two-year old’s at this point. Once again, a foundational drill.

On May 10th Sigesmund was asked to pick it up a notch and responded impressively with a three furlong work out of the starting gate in 36.11 seconds.
This was another step in Sigesmund’s training as he got to experience what it’s like starting a work from the gate. Very pleased with the work and will come back with something easy next out.

On May 16th Sigesmund worked four furlongs in 51.55 seconds. Once again another foundational drill with time being secondary. It is very common for trainers to rotate back and forth between stamina and speed drills during this stage of training.

Glad to have your onboard, we will be sending some more updates early next week and will try and get some updated videos and pics to the site as well”

-Bruno De Julio, Racingwithbruno

MyRacehorse will continue to work with Bruno De Julio and Michelle Nevin to deliver updates on your racehorse. We hope you enjoy the thrill of you new investment, and if you have any feedback we would appreciate hearing directly from you, support@myracehorse.com

Owner Update: Moonless Sky

Horse: Moonless Sky
Race 9, Fran’s Valentine Stakes, 5/19/2018 @ Santa Anita Park
Next Race: Estimated: 3-4 weeks

Moonless Sky, back from a three-month hiatus, emerged from the Fran’s Valentine Stakes in good order. Although we were hoping for a better race, it’s not uncommon that horses need to work themselves back into competition.

“Moonless looks ok physically, [and we’re] hoping to bounce back from a slow pace and being out of competition training,” said Eddie Truman, Trainer of Moonless Sky.

MyRacehorse also spoke with Nick Pappas from Pappas Racing and he echoed the same sentiment.“She checked out fine and we are now looking to race in the next 3-4 weeks,” said Pappas.

It was great to have several of her MyRacehorse owners out at Santa Anita to cheer her on. Here are a few images from the day for those that didn’t get a chance to make it out. We hope to see you next time!

Owner Update: Swiss Minister

Horse: Swiss Minister
Race 6, Allowance Optional Claiming, 5/19/2018 @ Santa Anita Park
Next Race: Estimated: 3-4 weeks

Swiss Minister emerged from Saturday’s sixth race in good order and will take it easy over the next 7-10 days until his next race target is assessed. It’s anticipated that there will be another Allowance Optional Claiming race within the next 3-4 weeks that will fit his schedule.

A few takeaways from the race. First, the winner Catalina Cruiser looks to be a star in the making. He had been training like a monster in the mornings, but you never know if horses will carry that over to the actual race. This fella sure did. He will almost certainly be headed to stakes competition after this. No shame losing to this guy.

Secondly, both the main track and turf course yesterday appeared to have a speed bias. If you weren’t close to the lead early on, horses coming from behind were at a severe disadvantage. While the plan was to be up a lot closer to the lead early on, Swiss Minister broke from the gate a step slow, and the rail closed up forcing him to take back and make one run at the leaders. Due to the track bias, this just wasn’t favorable.

It was great to have several of the MyRacehorse owners out at Santa Anita to support Swiss Minister.. Here are a few images from the day for those that didn’t get a chance to make it out. We hope to see you next time!

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