The Basics

What is MyRacehorse?


Elite horse racing ownership at an affordable price. MyRacehorse buys into horses across the country and offers fans the chance to own units in a managed investment scheme that owns, trains and manages the horse.

MyRacehorse promotes ASIC compliant Managed Investment Schemes.


What is a Managed Investment Scheme?


An unlisted unit trust which is registered with ASIC and accepts money from different Investors which is pooled and collectively used to; acquire & campaign the horse, and cover specific fees associated with the operation and management of the scheme. The Constitution and the Compliance Plan which detail how the scheme will be operated and monitored, have been lodged with ASIC.


What is a Micro-Share?


What we refer to as “micro-shares” are actually units in a managed investment scheme that owns the horse.  We do this because in standard horse ownership there is a limit of up to 20 shares, where 1 share is equal to 5% of the horse (per the Australian Rules of Racing).  Through the creation of managed investment schemes, MyRacehorse is able to divide this even further and offer micro-shares that represent an interest in the horse as small as 0.01% per micro-share. This means that in a horse that is 100% owned by the scheme, there are 10,000 micro-shares available.


Does MyRacehorse own 100% of every horse on offer?


No, our ownership percentage varies in all horses. On the “Buy” page you will be able to see our ownership partner (i.e Spendthrift) as well as the MyRacehorse stake in “Valuation”.


If we own 60% of a horse we offer 6,000 micro-shares at a value of 0.01%. So, whether we own 100%, 60% or even 10% of a horse – each micro-share is the same 0.01% percentage of the overall ownership interest.


What are the benefits of buying into a MyRacehorse runner over another syndicator?


    • You don’t have to break the bank to experience racing at the elite level with our Micro-Share ownership model. Buy in from as low as 0.01% and be involved in the MyRacehorse journey.


    • Our ambition is for you to experience the thrill of racing at the elite level. We focus on acquiring elite bloodstock to maximise our chances of finding a winner.


    • Say goodbye to recurring training and vet fees. Pay one upfront fee and that’s it!


    • At our core – we love racing! MyRacehorse is building a community of passionate owners, providing members with access to ongoing events, exclusive content and hopefully some racetrack success along the way.


What am I entitled to as a shareholder in a MyRacehorse thoroughbred?


You own part of a horse! You will get to follow its progress as it makes its way from the paddock to the track, with quality updates from trainers, breeders, form analysts and more about how your horse is going. There will also be plenty of events where you’ll hear from the experts firsthand, mingle with other owners and most importantly, watch your horse run. You will also be entitled to a proportionate share of any prize money and sale proceeds from your horse.


How are share prices calculated for each runner?


We aim to provide as much transparency as possible, so we make it easy for you to see where your dollars are going. Part of the one-off fee does include pre-paid expenses. Our Micro-Share prices are a calculation based on a number of factors including (but not limited to); horse acquisition cost, bloodstock fee, management fee, insurance, training and vet expenses for the duration of the horse’s expected racing career.

To assist with comprehension you can view a real life example for Rock Chant here, where Micro-Shares were priced at $70 for 0.01%.


How does MyRacehorse make money?


Our priority is always to ensure the best possible experience for our owners through elite horses, insider access and great events. To deliver this, there are a number of key elements of the pricing model: 1) the upfront micro-Micro-Share price includes a Management fee (15% of final price) and a Bloodstock fee (5% of horse acquisition price) payable to MyRacehorse. 2) MyRacehorse is responsible for all of the ongoing horse expenses beyond the initial purchase price, and has the right to offset this against any prizemoney the horse earns. 3) MyRacehorse receives a performance fee of 7.5% of any prize money (only after any expenses have been offset) and 12.5% of any eventual sale price/breeding revenue post-racing.

Overall, we want all of our owners to get that winning feeling. Our intention is to find elite horses who can win enough prizemoney to cover their own ongoing expenses and more, so that when our horses win – we all win. MyRacehorse covers the ongoing expenses of any horses that don’t reach that level of success.


Race Day

Am I guaranteed a race day ticket and mounting yard pass?


Race day ticketing and mounting yard access is limited, however we work closely with race clubs to accommodate as many owners as possible and will run ballots if numbers are limited. Where owners are unable to be accommodated we will organize offsite events so we can enjoy the thrills of racing together.


What colours will my horse run in?


We try to have as many of our horses as possible race in MyRacehorse colours. In the instance that we own a share in a horse with another breeder/owner we may take on their colours.


If my horse wins, do I receive a winning photo after the race?


When our horses win, we provide customers with links to purchase a framed photo of our runner.


Are there any race club discounts being a MyRacehorse owner?


Currently there are no guaranteed discounts at race clubs. This is something the team are working on as the brand establishes it’s offering in the Australian market.


Our Horses

How are our horses selected and purchased?


We have a number of avenues for acquiring horses. Commonly, we attend the best yearling sales across the country, or we may look at private agreements with acquiring bloodstock from only the most respected and trusted breeders. Our horses undergo a highly scrutinized vet check and x-ray procedure before being offered to our customers. Additionally, we hire bloodstock agents to analyse pedigree and horse conformation before purchasing. We leverage a range of bloodstock and veterinary experts to assess every horse before we buy them and offer to owners.


Can we guarantee MyRacehorse runners will win?


Unfortunately, racing is a great game with no guarantees, so we can’t promise anything on the racetrack. However, we work with the industry’s best and carry out as much due diligence prior to purchasing as possible. We also send our horses to the best trainers in the country to give them the best chance to fulfill their potential.  What we can guarantee is that you’ll be part of a thriving owner community and be able to follow your horse’s progress with expert analysis every step of the way.


Is there a maximum or minimum amount of shares I can purchase?


The standard MyRacehorse Micro-Share represents 0.01% of a horse, and is the minimum amount you can purchase. Currently, you can buy as many Micro-Shares in a horse as you like.


What happens if my horse is sold?


MyRacehorse consults with the experts to determine the best possible course of action throughout the horse’s career. If a horse is going to be sold, we are committed to finding the best possible deal for owners and we are transparent with our decision-making. Owners will receive a proportionate share of any net sale proceeds based on their ownership percentage. MyRacehorse receives a 12.5% performance fee from any sale price.


Do I retain my share in a horse if it goes to stud?


You always retain your Micro-Share in the horse unless it is sold, in which case you receive your Micro-Share of the sale price. In the case of stallion prospects, if we decide the best return for owners may be achieved by retaining their Micro-Share(s) in the horse, your investment may be held and potential returns experienced over a longer term.


Does MyRacehorse have a position on life after racing?


MyRacehorse is committed to partnering with the leading Animal Welfare agencies to ensure the safe transition, placement, and retraining of horses once retiring from the racetrack.  Some second career examples include eventing, hunter/jumper disciplines, dressage or trail riding.  Depending on what is best for the horse, MyRacehorse seeks the appropriate partner that will put the same attention to the horse’s next career as we have to the horse’s career on the racetrack.


Do I get a say in the horse’s name?


Where MyRacehorse owns a large enough share of the horse to do so, we will follow a democratic process to help owners name the horse. Owners will be able to suggest and vote for their favourite names, which will result in the horse being named (at the discretion of MyRacehorse).


Do I have greater access if I buy a larger percent?


All our owners have great access to horses whether you own 0.01% or 50% of a horse. Your potential share of ownership entitlements (such as mounting yard passes) does increase with the number of Micro-Shares you own, and any owners with Micro-shares that are equivalent to a 5% or greater share in a horse will receive guaranteed owners privileges where available.


How many horses can I buy into?


As many horses as you like that are available and listed on


How are Trainers selected for each horse?


MyRacehorse only works with the best trainers to deliver our promise of elite horses, exclusive content and insider access. We are proud to work with some of Australia’s leading trainers to ensure our horses reach their full potential on the racetrack.


My question is not listed in the above FAQs, how do I find out more detail?


Every horse listed contains a Product Disclosure Statement (PDS). The PDS contains further details about MyRacehorse and its operation, simply visit a horses “Buy” page and view the “Legal” section for further information.


How do I contact the MyRacehorse team for more information?


Send us an email: and we will endeavour to respond within 24 hours.



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Investments of this nature are speculative. Refer to the relevant PDS before investing.